Orthotics at South End  Physiotherapy.Custom foot orthotics, or orthoses as they are more commonly referred to these days, are internal shoe appliances which are manufactured from three dimensional casts of the feet. They are made from raw materials such as medium or high density EVA foams, polyethylene or medical grade polypropylene plastic, depending on the function and use. They are usually vacuum molded to three dimensional casts made of plaster, then finished to fit the footgear. Nowadays digital casts are becoming more prevalent; where the three dimensional information is stored electronically. Either way, the orthotics must be brought to completion by a well trained orthotic technician. In other words they are made by hand. Orthoses can accommodate bony foot deformities by capturing the exact shapes in the mold. They can modify the persons gait pattern, and load or off load pressure points where required.

Custom molded foot orthoses are prescribed by medical doctors (GPs) and orthopedic surgeons, and dispensed by Canadian Certified Pedorthists, a C Ped (C) designation.

The assessment involves a complete history of your discomfort, a physical examination of your feet, ankles, and lower limbs, including a range of motion (ROM). Also a biomechanical and gait analysis is conducted, along with an inspection of your current footgear and wear patterns. Casting of your feet is in semi weight bearing position.

Our pedorthist is Mike Daigle

Please download our brochure as a PDF: Orthotics Brochure