Massage Therapy

massage therapy at South End  Physiotherapy
Our massage therapists are members of the Massage Therapist’s Association of Nova Scotia. They work closely with the physiotherapists to ensure the combined efforts are suitable and complementary.

Massage Therapy is used to:

  • Avoid the accumulation of daily work related and postural stress
  • Treat sports related injury
  • Assist those affected by a motor vehicle accident
  • Treat lingering soft tissue damage

Allow us to design the most appropriate treatment to decrease muscle strain and spasm, reduce trigger point and scar formation and address headaches and restricted tissues.

Swedish Massage
Soothing, fluid, continuous strokes of varying depths ranging from superficial to deep. The techniques are designed to encourage the relaxation of muscle groups by increasing circulation and decreasing associated tension. Incorporates joint motion and stretching to increase rehabilitative effects when addressing soft tissue injury.

Myofascial Release
Myofascial release uses greater depth – with no oil – to help promote the release of deeper body structures. Combining tissue torquing and myotonic stretching, this type of massage is suitable for treating restrictive tissue tension. Couple with Swedish massage, myofascial techniques enhance the intensity of the treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage promotes the release of more complex muscular presentations. This type of massage is typically used to address injury-related soft tissue damage in the chronic stage of healing. These techniques can be combined with more conventional methods and are generally considered a more aggressive treatment approach.

Sports Massage
Sports Massage is tailored to address a range of presentations that are usually associated with sports related injuries. This can include pre and post event treatment; decreasing recovery time while training and managing chronic presentations associated with previous injury.