Jan Leonard

Jan Leonard

Jan graduated from the University of Ottawa from a bilingual physiotherapy program in 1990. Through the completion of a series of post secondary courses Jan achieved her Resident status of the Canadian Academy of Physical Therapists in 1995. She then went on to become a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Physical Therapists in 1996.

In addition to course work, Jan has developed through experience in varied hospital settings as well as in private practice in Halifax, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver. Her interests professionally lie with manual therapy, aimed at restoring normal joint motion, and specific exercise prescription for each individual client.

One of Jan’s professional interests is continuing education and promoting physiotherapy in a professional manner. Jan is an experienced instructor; teaching and mentoring Dalhousie students in the physiotherapy program and an instructor for the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association since 1996. She is a dedicated physiotherapist who has volunteered professionally on various committees nationally and provincially.

Clinically, her main areas of focus are the competitive recreational athlete, yoga injuries and spinal dysfunction, specifically back and neck pain. Jan brings a broad range of tools and skills to her client’s problems including accurate diagnosis, personalized treatment, exercise prescription, acupuncture, deep needling and manual therapy.

Contact: jan@southendphysiotherapy.ca