Equipment at South End  Physiotherapy.
Rehab Equipment includes:

Therapeutic Modalities
TNS, ultrasound, acupuncture, heat/ice, interferential current (IFC), Neuromuscular Stimulation (EMS), athletic taping, K-taping

Functional Equipment
Hand therapy, free weights up to 50 lbs, work simulation stations, ie: lifting, carrying, fine motor work, grip strength, KAT Computerized Proprioceptive Training Unit, Hydragym, Cable Column (Cybex)

Work Conditioning/Functional Restoration
Eliptical Trainer, Universal, Treadmills, Lifecycle Stepper and Bike, Concept II Rower, Recumbent Stationary Bikes, Body Blade, Pro-fitter, TUBING, Abdominal Curl Bar.

Equipment at South End  Physiotherapy.